Things To Keep In Mind and Avoid When Choosing a Business Email Domain

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The right way to market your brand for a lasting impression is to incorporate customisation wherever possible. Customisations of any nature make it easier for the target audience and existing users to remember you, but the starting point is always domain name customisation.

When businesses buy domain and web hosting services, they invest in adding a unique identity to their brand name. 

This professional identity can add value to all business-related communication by creating domain email address accounts so that all team members get business email addresses to Interact with both internal and external stakeholders.

If you are unsure about the right way of choosing a domain name for a business for email communication, let this guide be your quick checklist to get the most appropriate business email domain.

Dos and Don’t’s For Choosing Business Email Domain


  • Make It Brand-Centric

Often, businesses fail to take the best advantage of a business email domain. Email communication is one of the first initial interactions between the business and the target audience.

Therefore, ensuring that the chosen business email domain showcases the true intention of the brand is necessary to start on a positive note with the target audience without them doubting the brand’s authenticity.

  • Make It Unique And Memorable

Along with making a business email domain that is brand-centric, incorporating easy-to-remember yet distinctive elements can significantly impact the user experience for your business. 

For instance, instead of sticking to the standard business email domain names like [email protected], you can customise it better with [email protected]

This is unique and has a memorable element that directly instils a positive feeling for the target audience.

  • Keep It Short

Another essential tip for choosing an efficient and impressive business email domain is to limit the words or characters in the domain name.

Putting the most appropriate and brand-oriented information is crucial to making users understand the goal or intent of a business. However, excessively long business email domain names can confuse the target audience, resulting in poor email engagement metrics.


  • Avoid Getting Too Creative

The freedom of customising a business email domain as per needs and preferences, including highly complex or extremely creative elements within a business email domain, can result in chaos.

Users always seek direct, easy-to-understand email domain names that convey the intent without being too wordy. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid multiple creative elements.

  • Do Not Include Numbers Or Symbols

Most email users do not trust emails from senders with confusing and poorly constructed business email domains. 

When a business includes symbols and numbers in its business email domain, it removes the professional touch, resulting in a significant chunk of the emails being sent to spam folders. Avoid using any special character or numerical on your business email domain.

  • Limit Use Of Complicated Words/ Phrases

A particular product or service’s use case depends on their industry vertical. Simplifying the email domain is necessary for any business, regardless of what it offers to the target audience.

Suppose you create a business email domain using complicated product or service-related words or phrases. In that case, the chances of the email communication converting into a favourable result are doubtful as users will not remember or understand it.


Choosing a business email address for communication is crucial to showcase brand authenticity and high professionalism.  

The first step is to select a business email domain that serves the right purpose without being too complicated or lengthy. The right way to begin is by testing different combinations before finalising one to ensure the business email domain aligns with the business goals and offerings.

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